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The world-wide oaks databank allow you to see the biggest oaks in the world. Of course, this is possible only if the correct data have been entered for your village.

To seek into the databank.

Village name

The oldest oaks in the world ...

Belgium : Liernu.
Bosnia : Travnik.
Denmark : Nordskoven
England : Croft, Fredville, Knighthayes Court, Shobdon, Windsor.
France : Allouville, Bellême, Beaunay-Soquentot, Bulat-Pestivien.
Germany : Groß-Gievitz, Minzow, Rothenmoor, Berteroda, Nöbdenitz.
Italy : Nottoria, Treia, Tricase, San Pellegrino.
Japan : Satomi.
Netherlands : Laren, Vorden
United States : Baker, Chatam, Julian, La crosse, Pasadena, Rio Frio, Rochester, Wye Mills.
Serbia : Velika Plana, Pozharevac.
Sweden : Kvill.
Switzerland : Châtillon, Genève.

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