You want to buy an oak. Please read the following general conditions of the agreement. Send us a message giving your approval as well as your name and address.

Price: US $ 55 , one growing oak.


Article 1 : The sale of Oaks

Iforest is a French agricultural company. Iforest plants trees on its own land and sells the trees.

Article 2 : Payment

The customer buys a young tree for US $ 55 and becomes the owner of the tree after a period of one year after planting. The customer remains the owner of the tree for its entire life span , except if article 5 and 6 are not respected. Payment is due when ordering.

Article 3 : Guarantee

If the tree dies within the first two years, Iforest will replace it with another tree, in the same location.

After a two year period starting after the plantation, Iforest will not be responsible for the death of the tree by accident, disease, poisoning or fire.

Article 4 : Duration of the agreement

The duration of this agreement stands as long as the tree bought by the custumer is living.

Article 5 : Farming practices

Iforest will carry out farming practices according to the standard forest practices. Iforest will realize 2 clearings of the lot for the 7 years after plantation.

Every ten years, starting after placing the order for the tree, the custumer will pay to Iforest an amount corresponding to 3 hour wages of work. The reference wage is the minimum French wage, taxes included.

For example, in 2001, this amount is US $ 25. This amount is calculated every year and will be published on the website:

When this amount is paid, the customer will receive a digital photo of the tree via internet.

Article 6 : Taxes

For the first thirty years, oak forest property is not taxable.

Therefore in the fortieth year from the ordering of the tree and every decade henceforth, the customer will have to pay to Iforest the amount for 1/30 hectare of oak forest.

An example, in 2001, taxes for land ownership for 1/30 hectare was around US $ 1. This amount is calculated every year and published on the website:

Article 7 :Location.

The Global Positionning System ( G.P.S.) coordinates of the tree are given to the customer as well as the name of the village and the French department (region) where the field is located.

The tree is tagged and therefore allows it to be identified with the name given by the customer.

Article 8 : Visiting the Iforest field.

The customer can visit the field where his tree is located and all the fields belonging to Iforest, under his own responsibility. The customer formally promises to respect the environment, not to destroy nor damage any other tree or plant during his visit. The customer can visit the Iforest fields with other persons. Their security is totally under the customer's responsibility or that of the visitors. In case of accident, Iforest will not be held responsible.

The list of Iforest fields is published on this internet site, as well as a map to locate these fields.

Article 9 : Litigation.

This present agreement is subject to French laws. Any litigation will be submitted before the French court of the department of Loir et Cher, France.

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