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In Europe and the United States, 99 % of the population is urban. The consequences of this unprecedented evolution of Humanity are still greatly under-estimated: urban violence and despair on the one hand and the so far insoluble problems of desertification and of territorial development on the other.

Nevertheless, each city-dweller deep-down has the secret hope of owning one day a parcel of forest. Could this thought be the fruit of centuries of hopes and dreams, where the hope of each individual was to possess a few acres, a cow and a one-room home ?

www.oaksoftheworld.com has developed a collective forest system where every Internet user can acquire a tree. Not just any tree, but the most symbolic, the one most represented in mythology …an Oak !

By simply clicking on an image, it activates a process of advertising income which is widely used to plant forests throughout the world.

Surrealism and poetry underlie this world, for the first time it is possible to see inside a tree!

Finally, www.oaksoftheworld.com has brought together online the largest photograph collection of Oaks. By going on the website and following the instructions, you can also add the photograph of the largest Oak in your village.

To all who want to conserve a beautiful planet !

Founder :
Christophe Parot
552 route d'Annecy
74600 Quintal



www.oaksoftheworld.com | contact : christophe@oaksoftheworld.com