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Solar energy could provide 35 % of our needs, it is providing less than 2 %.

There 40 millions unemployed people in Europe and about the same number in the US. A strong economy does not require a wall, a strong economy requires renewable and abundant energy. These last 80 years, the worldwide gross domestic product has been closely related to the quantity of burned fuel.

The problem to be solved

We have to increase the share of renewable energy into our energy mix. People who are living in large cities do not have a roof to install solar modules but they can invest into collective solar farms.

The solution.

Solar coach issues an asset (Topsol) to be invested in solar farms. You can buy this asset on the Bitshares Decentralized Exchange. This asset will be bought back later with income from those solar farms. The electricity is sold to utilities and the revenue is used to purchase Topsol. People who want to invest into solar farms can buy this asset. The money from the sale of Topsol is used to build additional solar farms. As more solar farms produce even more electricity, the assets are bought back by Solar coach and the price of Topsol increases.

Study the profitability of Topsol

From October 1st to November 30th, Topsol is tradeable on the Bitshares exchange like a cryptocurrency, at a preferred rate. In the future, the electricity will be directly sold to Topsol owners at a preferred rates by smart contracts. With Topsol, anyone living in a city can invest in solar plants.