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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Solar Site?
The aim of Solar Site is to help develop solar energy using the potential of the internet. This site converts thousands of clicks into solar energy. The way it works is quite simple. When a visitor clicks on the button, a selection of advertising banners appear on the screen. Proceeds from these advertisements and a percentage of each sale made when the visitor shops at these stores, are paid to the selected non-profit organization, e.g. S.E.L.F. Visitors to the sites on the Solar Site convert their clicks into solar energy for free. Every month, Solar Site will publish the amount of money collected for each non-profit organization.

How does my click get converted to solar energy?
Our advertisers pay a fee to a non-profit organization developing solar energy in poor countries. In return, their banner ads are placed on the Solar Site for one month, and is visible to visitors who click on the button to convert their clicks to solar energy. A percentage of any sales made through this site is also donated to participating non-profits by our sponsors.

Who benefits from advertisers spending?
S.E.L.F. and Fondem are the non-profit organizations benefiting from the Solar Site's click to convert to solar energy program. Our advertisers can select which organization they wish to benefit from this program.
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