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  • BioNutraTech cleans oil spill, waste water, septic tank, grease trap.
  • Equaris Corporation is a Minnesota based developer and manufacturer of sustainable onsite water treatment and wastewater recycling technologies for homeowners and businesses.
  • Electrocoagulation is the distinct economical and environmental choice for meeting water treatment discharge standards and compliance requirements.
  • PC recycling
  • Free cartridge collection service in UK from Office Green
  • Recycle glass bottles with Green Glass.
  • Protect and preserve 1,000 sq. feet of rainforest lands forever by donating your spare mobile phone to the Adopt An Acre / program.
  • Tire recycling in Alberta.
  • Tire recycling in Germany.
  • Recycle your milk cartons in Australia
  • Nike launches pilot program of curbside shoe recycling
  • Recycle disposable baby diapers!
  • New technology for waste and biomass combustion
  • Recycle your wastes into energy

    Americans waste or cause to be wasted nearly 1 million pounds of materials

    per person per year !

     ( L.Hunter Lovins, Natural Capitalism )

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