Welcome To Lapis University

Online education allow us to develop our competencies and to crate new wealth. Our aim is to help you to create your business, to protect the environment and to learn how to be happy.

To learn How to be happy is probably the most important thing you have to learn in your live and this topic is not teach in most of the schools. To propagate this idea we offer our course to ten pupils in the school of your choice each time you enroll with Lapis University

Today, many people are dreaming of a new job that make sens. To develop solar energy will provide us with a clean and abundant energy. We will stop importing and burning millions of barrels of oil that are polluting our cities and warming our climate. If you learn about solar energy, you will invest in solar energy and educate other people

About The Founder

Hello I′m Christophe Parot, I am 55 year old. I love to learn and I create several companies. I am using this unemployed period to create new courses on the web to teach what I like and to help other people.

"The best way to predict our future is to invent it". We have all the technical competencies and all the knowledge to live a better live on a pleasant planet. Exchange of information and education is the key.